About Us

ARYABARON started its activity with an engineering approach to the modern construction products, along with European sandwich panel manufacturers, in a land with the area of 60,000 square meters and about 20,000 square meter of indoor space in Mashhad, Iran. Utilizing the most updated technologies as well as fully automated European machineries, cooperating with highly skilled and experienced staffs and engineers, and also applying the best quality raw materials, now BARON can produce and supply the following products in compliance with Europe CE standard:

Wall, roof, cold room and clean room sandwich panels (Polyurethane / Rockwool / Polystyrene)
 Conex, mobile conex and toilet
 Prefabricated buildings
 Cold / heat room and clean room doors
Polystyrene parts (EPS)
 Pre-insulated air duct

As long as customer satisfaction and expert's approvals for the quality of our products are in the same side, we try to always maintain the highest possible quality in manufacturing millions of square meters of sandwich panels and thousands of square meters of portable cabins and prefabricated houses, with a unique horizon on international sales and export, we honorably awarded the best export company in 2017.